Gorgeous Weeknight Date

It’s been a busy week so far… we’re getting some renovations done on our home, fixed our dishwasher, and took Snoops to the vet for his annual checkup. In between all of that, we’ve been binge watching The Office like nobody’s business.
I feel like this image of Kevin is totally me right now- double fisting frozen treats. No shame. No shame.
Last night, we walked out of work and the weather was SO gorgeous- we couldn’t believe it. It’s been super hot and humid. But last night, the humidity was gone and all we wanted to do was be outside. So we packed up Snoops and headed into town for a midweek date night. We planned to go to Creekside and sit out by the creek- we even called and asked if they were open and if we could bring our dog, they said yes. When we got there- they were closed! Super bummed.
So, we headed to Galloway Station instead. Snoopy wasn’t so sure about this Mother’s beer…
I got a mini bacon burger. It was heaven. Their burgers are SO good. And so are the chips. My husband was amazed that I finished my food way ahead of him. This is a feat because usually he has to wait a good 15 minutes for me to finish my food after he gets done!
Snoopy likes to think he’s a people. He sat at the table with us, happy as can be! The chips we shared just made him even happier. 🙂
After dinner, we headed over to Sequiota Park and walked for about 45 minutes just soaking in the gorgeous night. It was so good that I forgot to take any pictures!
I’ve been having a good week in the gym. Had a good running session on Tuesday. I tweaked my back, hip, nerve doing some weightlifting today, so I’m pretty bummed about that. I’m hoping it will heal up quickly. I was feeling so confident about working out this week! Sad.
Also.. here’s a little confession for you…
No shame. I use the gym at work, and it’s the only place I can use the restroom in peace!



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