Feels Like Summer

Another wonderful weekend is in the books!! We kicked it off Friday night downtown. We hit up Mudlounge for drinks (decaf chai hit the spot!) and chips and salsa while we waited for our table at one of our favorites places.

Hello, Black Sheep! Love love love this place. And we were seated at our special table in the back. The last date night we ever truly had on our own before Baby T decided to start joining us. 🙂
I had my usual- the Foodie. I’m sure you’ve seen pictures of it on here before, but here’s another.
Saturday morning, I made hubby breakfast- a little early anniversary celebration. Lemon yogurt pancakes with blueberries. Pretty delicious and summery! Here’s the recipe. I substituted greek yogurt for ricotta.
Later in the day, I took a little roadtrip up north to visit my cousin and see her new house. It was great to spend some time with her. We checked out some paint samples and then hit up the flea markets. We found this sign that reminded us of our grandpa. Sure do miss him and his fried chicken- especially in the summer!
I had to grab a pineapple milkshake on the way home. For some reason they are never as good as I remember them being. Thankfully, I got the mini size!
Sunday morning, I actually got up and out for a quick run. It felt so good but was a lot harder than I expected. Maybe I can blame it on the dog and his nose! Has to sniff everything. Then I surprised Hubby with brunch reservations. I have been wanting to visit this orchard by our house for years, then I happened to see that they served brunch… oh man, I have found a hidden gem.
This place was so peaceful. The decor was spot on, and the food was delicious. It wasn’t very spendy either! Hubbs had a mimosa and grapefruit beer. I sadly had a fresh squeezed grapefruit juice, but it was delicious! We ate outside on the deck and soaked in the lovely weather.
The biscuits and gravy were phenomenal. And so was the eggs benedict with salmon and avocado. The potatoes were also delicious. I could rave about this food forever. I may eat here every Sunday for the rest of the summer. Everything is farm fresh and oh, so good!!!
We spent the rest of the day out on our back porch relaxing. I decided to make myself a little mocktail of grapefruit juice and sparkling water. It was a wonderful way to end the weekend! Already looking forward to the next- I love summer!

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