We’re having a what!??!

Guess I should probably write about this since it’s public knowledge now…
We are having a baby! Due October 31!
Snoopy still isn’t sure what to think!
We found out on February 23. I was in shock then, and I’m still in shock. It’s just a very surreal thing to me. This was totally planned, but I think a part of me never thought it would actually happen. I took a test one morning before work and wasn’t sure about the results.. spent all day googling pictures of positive tests before finally telling my Hubbs that night. Then, we took another test. It was positive too. So the next day we went out and bought a test that would actually spell out whether I was pregnant or not- and I am! Apparently!

My husband has been absolutely amazing throughout this whole thing. Shortly after we found out, I had to take a business trip to Austin, TX. I came back late at night to find this package on our counter. He had researched everything I needed for the first trimester and made me a survival kit!
Thankfully, I never had to use the bucket!! 🙂 I was a little queasy the first few weeks and really really tired. But I’m in the second trimester now and barely feel pregnant- other than the fact that my clothes don’t fit!


We’re extremely excited for this new adventure- ready to find out if it’s a boy or girl in a week and a half and really throw ourselves into prepping for the new addition to our family. It’s a crazy adventure, and we’re excited to be on it and share it all with our family and friends!


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