Just got back from a wonderful weekend in Louisville! We did so much, but it was a blast! Can’t beat great weather, good food, and family!
We ate at Tom and Chee for lunch Saturday. I hit up the Chicken, Bacon & Ranch but added avocado and tomato. Delicious!
As much as we love family time, I think Snoopy was a little over it halfway through the weekend. I couldn’t find him and started to panic a little, but he was just chilling in his kennel! Hello, introvert!
Sunday morning, Hubbs and I snuck away to explore the Highlands area of Louisville. This pug mural is pretty much perfection.
Then we stopped for coffee at Quills… delicious!
I guess the Highlands is the place to be on Saturday night because at 10 AM on Sunday morning, there were still people passed out on the sidewalks. Don’t worry- they were breathing!
I think this guy almost made it home? So close. I think this is where I want to party.
Sunday we headed out to Claudia Sanders for lunch.
I have forgotten how much I love KFC food. Seriously. It used to be a staple at family get togethers. My grandpa always brought the bucket of KFC chicken. We even had it at our wedding reception to remember him by. Needless to say, I chowed down. I couldn’t get enough chicken, coleslaw, and mashed potatoes and gravy. I’m drooling now just thinking about it again.
My sister-in-law gave me this awesome care package. So thankful for wonderful family who know me so well! Those Cheetos won’t last long.
Monday morning, we woke up really early. Snoopy was so happy to be included on this outing!
We drove out to Deam Lake and hit the trails. Such a gorgeous area- I can’t wait to go back!
It was a short hike- wish we could have stayed out all day!
Seriously- this lake is calling my name. I am dying to get a paddle board out there!!
After our quick hike, we headed to Wild Eggs in downtown Louisville for breakfast. I had the Mr. Potato Head Casserole. So delicious!!
Such a great weekend with family- the weather was beautiful, food delicious, and company even better. It’s been hard to get back at it today, but here we are- plus I saved Bachelorette to watch for tonight- that’ll get me through the day!

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