Fast Weekend!

This weekend went fast! We kicked it off Friday night by going to a Springfield Cardinals game with some friends. I was much more excited for the fireworks after the game!
And then I finished off the night with some Cookie Dough Dippin’ Dots. I’m hooked right now. I have a feeling these will be my summer obsession!
Saturday morning, we had a garage sale!! It felt so good to clean out all our closets the last couple of weeks, and we even made some decent money. Good morning well spent!
This guy was a huge help… or not…
Saturday night, we hit up Gem of India for date night. I love this place!! Plus they had a good Yelp deal that helped the decision.
I have no idea what those sauces are, but they are good! Shrimp masala is my absolute favorite. I can never get enough of it!
Sunday morning, Hubbs surprised me with breakfast. I haven’t been able to stop thinking about Peanut Butter Fingers’ talk of eggs and Laughing Cow wedges, so he whipped up some of that for me along with bacon and watermelon. Definitely a great start to our Sunday!
Speaking of Peanut Butter Fingers, I can also thank her for the introduction to La Croix. Target had a sale on them last week, so I stocked up. So far I’m loving the cantaloupe/grapefruit one. Wonder how long these will last me? Okay, basically I have Peanut Butter Fingers to thank for a lot of awesome things in my life. I love her blog, so check her out for yourself (link above).
Spent the afternoon yesterday meal prepping. Homemade bacon and ranch pasta salad, hummus and red peppers, and yogurt with blueberries.
And for breakfast this week- pumpkin yogurt oat muffins! I think this rainy weather put me in the mood for fall. I added some cinnamon to my coffee this morning, and it hit the spot!
So that was my busy weekend, and the week is off to a great start. Hope yours is too!



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