Another Busy Weekend!

We kicked off the weekend a little early, on Thursday night, for the NFL Draft. We hit up Buffalo Wild Wings for some nachos and football action. I can’t wait until it’s football season again!!

Friday night was cold and stormy, so we just stayed at home. I relaxed with some candles, and this hot chocolate that totally hit the spot.
Saturday morning, I headed out to the Girls on the Run Spring 5k. Thankfully the rain held off, and I had a great run with my buddy. I love being a part of that organization. It’s so fun to see the girls get so excited about running and to watch their self esteem grow.
Hubbs surprised me with another date night Saturday even though we went out Thursday. We hit up dinner at The Order. I was too hungry to think about photos- but we polished off some burgers, fries, and their amazing duck aioli. I had way too much. Don’t even care.
For dessert, we hit up Andy’s for custard. I had cheesecake and cookie dough. Talk about being in my happy place. Then, we were driving home and saw that one of the local fireworks stores was doing a display that night. So we found an empty parking lot nearby to finish our ice cream while watching fireworks. Best date night ever!!
Saturday morning, we hit up brunch with my bestie at the Aviary. Again, too hungry to think about food photos. Then, we hit up the trails at Galloway. It was a great weekend to be out and about!
A great weekend- now off to San Antonio to work, work, work, work, work!

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