After all our fun in NYC, we took the Metro North train to New Haven.
I’ve recently been obsessed with Gilmore Girls, so our friend drove us around Yale’s campus. Gorgeous!! On our next trip, we’re going to find Star’s Hollow!
We had dinner at Frank Pepe’s. The cheese pizza with garlic was fantastic.
I was also introduced to birch beer. So good!!
On Saturday, we had breakfast at Sweet Harmony in Middletown, CT. They had some amazing looking crepes. I stuck to the California breakfast sandwich with bacon, and it was great!
Later that day, we attended a cousin’s wedding at the Pavilion on Crystal Lake. LOVED the reception area. The weather was a little cold and started raining at the end of the wedding, but we had a blast. I don’t think I’ve been to a wedding more full of fun and pure love. Plus, there were cannolis! The food was heaven.
After a crazy week, we headed back home. Since we can’t get a direct flight to save our lives, I picked the route that took 20 minutes longer just so I could catch a glimpse of my favorite city- Minneapolis. I lived there in college, and I miss it… 8 months out of the year. 🙂 Just hearing the northern accents was music to my ears.
Now we’re home and trying to recover from such a busy trip. We’ve done nothing each night after work but eat and sleep. Hopefully we’ll be back at it again soon!

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