NYC Day 3

The trip turned into a whirlwind, and I totally slacked at posting. But here’s the rest of it!
On Day 2 night, we ate dinner at Reichenbach Hall. Delicious pretzel and schnitzel!
After dinner, we took a train to the Upper West Side. Hubbs was super excited because he found the cafe from my favorite movie “You’ve Got Mail.” I honestly haven’t seen him that excited about taking me somewhere.
And I’m so glad we went! It was a cute, quiet little place. And the cheesecake was fantastic! I had the amaretto and he had a caramel apple slice.
On our last morning in NYC, we woke up and started walking towards MOMA. We stopped at Rockefeller. I couldn’t believe the skating rink was still open.
Then we stopped for breakfast at Macchiato. Delicous chocolate croissant and coffee. It hit the spot on this dreary morning.
Then, on to the MOMA. We’ve been wanting to go here forever. And we picked the perfect, rainy day to do it. One of my favorites was Warhol. Super excited to see that. Also just learned that our local museum has some Andy Warhol- left me shocked- but I only found out because someone stole some of the pieces. Crazy!
And then we saw the Starry Night! Beautiful! And a much different experience than trying to see the Mona Lisa.
After that, we headed to Grand Central to catch our train to Connecticut. After wandering around the food court twice, we decided on hot dogs since we hadn’t had any in the city yet. And they were delicious!
More from the weekend in Connecticut to come!

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