NYC Day 2

Started off day 2 by running into the Flatiron Building.
Then we made our way over to Best Bagel and Coffee to grab breakfast. I stuck with the basic bagel and cream cheese. Heaven. Pure heaven. Even the pigeons wanted in on this action.
We walked around Wall Street and the 9-11 Memorial. Also stopped at St. Paul’s- my favorite place in NYC. There was a choir and band practicing so it was great to relax and listen to some awesome music.
Then we headed to Chinatown for lunch. I had shrimp lo mein at Joe’s Shanghai Restaurant. Can’t get lo mein like this where I live. So good! And warmed up with some nice, hot green tea. It did surprise me that this was a shared seating place, but our table mates didn’t talk to us so we were happy. 🙂
We also stopped by Little Italy for a bit- more later. Then headed up to see the Seinfeld restaurant on the Upper West Side.
Loved this church and sculpture park.

Then we wander through the north side of Central Park before taking a break to eat an amazing cannoli from Cafe Palermo. So good! Plus it was great to rest our feet in front of the Guggenheim.
Busy day but fun. Still cold and windy. Nap break in the hotel to warm up before dinner tonight. Last night in NYC before we head to Connecticut tomorrow.

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