New York- Finally!

I swear, I do not have the best lucks with the flights. We drove to Kansas City yesterday afternoon for an evening flight to La Guardia. It was direct and super cheap so we figured it was worth the drive… A billion delays later…

Thankfully, we figured all this out before actually getting to the airport. We called Marriott and they booked us in a KC hotel and modified our NYC reservation at no charge. And Delta booked us on the 5:50a flight and refunded our money. Not too shabby! And we still got to NYC 4 hours earlier than if we had kept our original flight!
So we had a nice, relaxing night in KC and made it to NYC at 10 this morning.
We hit the ground running!!
Grabbed some delicious pizza at Highline Pizzeria and found a sunny place up on the High Line to eat. It was freezing but still fun!
Then we wandered through Chelsea to the Chelsea Marketplace. Love all the different shops there!
After that we headed back to the hotel for a quick nap and shower, then out to dinner!
Delicious hummus and a crab cake sandwich at Parker & Quinn. Gorgeous little restaurant with great service! Fun night.
After that, we wandered over to Bryant Park.
Then, we strolled through Times Square and a few stores before calling it a night. Productive first day in NYC despite the delays!

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