New Orleans

New Orleans. Not a huge fan.

Arrived here Sunday night after a frustrating morning at Ohare. Missed my connection because they couldn’t find a gate to park the plane. Lovely.
Lucked out and got the only standby seat on the next flight and made it to my meetings just in time! Hit the ground running.
After such a crazy day, I headed straight for my room and ordered room service. Crab cakes have never tasted so good! Salad looked amazing but they brought the wrong dressing, and I just couldn’t stomach it.
Room had a fun view!
Kicked off Monday morning with some in-room yoga. It was great to clear my head before launching myself into 2 days full of 23 meetings.
Then fueled with an in-room breakfast. Bacon and fruit- my go to.
Dinner was offsite last night so I was able to see a little bit of the Garden District/Uptown. Gorgeous! It was a nice to see a bette side of New Orleans than the French Quarter. It almost made me want to come back!
Headed home shortly. Time to rest up! One week at home, and then we are off to NYC for a little much-needed vacation!!

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