Slackin’ into Friday

I feel like I’ve totally been a slacker this week. Hubbs has been amazing and made all the meals this week. Which means man meals. Meat and potatoes all the way. Last night was chicken, potatoes, and baked beans. I’ll take it!

Hit the gym to wrap up the week. Started off with some Sworkit yoga. It felt so good to stretch out!
I tried to make my yoga time relaxing by playing some chill music. I’m not sure Juvenile counts, but it sure does speak loads about my taste in music. Loved it!
After some yoga, I headed outside for a short run. The weather is gorgeous. 70 degrees, but a little windy. Not too shabby for a February. Missouri weather is so bipolar; I wouldn’t be surprised if we get a blizzard next week. Since it’s warming up, that also means the geese are back. Thankfully, it’s not mating season yet, so they quickly hopped off my running path with only a little stink eye. Those buggers can get downright scary during mating season!
Gorgeous weather continues this weekend, and I have lots planned including a date with my bestie tonight. Great weekend ahead!!

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