Quote Kinda Day

Today was one of those days where I looked to Pinterest for quotes to fit my feels. I’m in the middle of this chaotic journey of waiting. Waiting for things to happen in my career, waiting for things to happen in my personal life. Just waiting. It’s definitely hard because I’m a plan and just do it kind of person. I don’t like to have things out of my control but that’s all life’s been lately, and I’m learning to embrace it.
Today felt like forward momentum. Today feels like a baby step closer to one of the things that I feel like I have been waiting forever for. I want to be excited, but I’m tentative still knowing that everything is out of my control.
My life will be changing soon. Not sure when. Not sure how. I just know there will be change. I hope it’s the change I’ve been working so hard for, but it might not be. And if it’s not, new doors will open. Until then, I’ll just continue to wait and hold on to the little baby steps that bring me comfort.
Sorry for being so vague but had to get my feelings out. Maybe someone can relate or find comfort in this.

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