I’m an Aunt!

I’m an Aunt! I’m an Aunt! And I don’t care who knows it!!
Thursday afternoon, we hit the road and drove 8 hours straight to Louisville, KY to meet my one week old nephew!! He’s precious, and I’m in love. This is the kid that made me an aunt! It’s just crazy to wrap my brain around. I could hold him and stare at him forever. Life is an incredible thing.
Even though we were in Louisville, we didn’t leave the house. I wanted to spend as much time with my nephew as possible! My family did surprise me with my favorite cake as a late birthday celebration. Marble with whipped frosting. And nothing tops a cake that says “Aunt Abby!” Weekend made.

Back to work and real life on Monday. Since I literally spent the whole weekend sitting on my butt and eating cake, gym was top of the list. Another great SWORKout! Plyometrics Jump Cardio kicked my butt- now I feel geared up for the rest of the week!



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