Birthday Weekend!

I could not have asked for a better birthday weekend. My family and friends were all so thoughtful and made me feel so loved. I am lucky to have them- that’s for sure.
Hubby took me out for sushi at Haruno on Friday night. We were starving, so I totally forgot to take pictures.
Saturday morning, he took me out to brunch at The Order. Another all-time favorite! They serve Brick & Mortar coffee- the only coffee I can really drink black and enjoy.
I had my usual- the Duck Confit Hash. The duck melts in your mouth. Love the purple potatoes too. It’s just wonderful. Hubby had the Pork Belly Corndogs. Again super delicious- but they were really rich. They might have been better as just an appetizer instead of the main meal.
After brunch, we headed over to Pineapple Whip. Hello- ALL THE EXCITEMENT. Pineapple Whip is this amazing little stand that is open around town during the summer. They had their Winter Solstice opening once during the winter- this year it fell on my birthday. I was in heaven! We got two of the biggest tubs to stash in the freezer. I’ve been taking a bite ever time I walk by the fridge. It won’t last long! Ps. Love that the hula girl is wearing a blanket! Stay warm, hula girl!!
My aunt surprised me by driving up to my house with a warm pan of her homemade rolls- just for me! Talk about the best way to make me feel loved! Someday I need to spend an afternoon making these with her. I need to know her ways. These are the best rolls in life. I’m not even joking.
When it comes to birthday cake, I’m not a fancy girl. All I need is a white or marble cake with whipped frosting straight from the grocery store. I was super excited to find one at midnight Friday night. But in my half asleep state, I forgot we purchased it and threw it in the back of the car with the rest of our groceries. Oops.
It still turned out pretty well- and tasted amazing, so that’s all that matters!

Thanks again to all my family and friends for the love this weekend. I am so thankful to have you all in my lives and thank you for helping me kick off year #29!



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