On Mondays…

We watch the Bachelor… I have a confession to make… My husband and I religiously watch The Bachelor. Every Monday night, we make appetizers and settle in for a good night of drama. Hey, it fills the void that Monday Night Football has left…
Last night, I made crab stuffed mushrooms and a cream cheese spinach crab dip and piled on the veggies as much as possible. Sorry no recipes- I really just threw stuff together. Beverage of choice was La Croix. Their grapefruit/pamplemousse is my go to flavor, but I decided to branch out for winter and try the cherry/lime. Good stuff!
Then for dessert, I finally attempted chocolate chia seed pudding. Here’s a link the recipe I used. I left out the maple syrup/dates and ended up adding a pack of Splenda. Not the best idea. It also could have used a nutty topping like almonds. Regardless, not horrible.
As for the Bachelor, it was a pretty great night. Really impressed with how Lace handled herself and am really starting to love the crazy train that Olivia is becoming. Also, I LOVE Jubilee. At first, I was totally skeptical, but after she opened up and shared her past, I want to give that girl major props. Then how the girls treated her afterwards totally killed me. Maybe it was just the editing, but I couldn’t believe that the girls weren’t on board to take care of Ben when he had received terrible news. My heart broke for him, and it was nice to see Jubilee give him a little rest from the chaos of the house when he needed it the most.
Aannnnnndd that’s my Bachelor opinions for the night. Sorry about that! If you need a recap, I highly suggest Pinterest Told Me To- Hilarious! Here’s a link to her recap from last week:



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