Quick Chicago Trip

Chicago is one of my favorite places. Even though I was out in the suburbs, it was still a great trip.

I had some extra time before meetings so I took some time to read and relax at a Starbucks in Ohare.
Cab driver took a few years off my life by looking up my hotel address in this lovely book while maneuvering traffic.
Marriott Suites in Deerfield was a nice surprise. They let me check in early which gave some more time for relaxing before meetings. Loved how the bedroom was separate from the living area. Definitely one of the cozier hotel rooms I’ve stayed in.
After an afternoon of meetings, we headed to a casual dinner at Wildfire. I was a little too excited for scarf and boot weather.
The salmon was amazing! Everything on the menu was delicious. Artichoke dip. Crab cakes. Chopped salad. I’m not sure what dessert was, but it was chocolate and heavenly.
After such a delicious dinner, I headed to bed early so I could hit the hotel gym for a quick workout the next morning. I was even more impressed with this hotel’s gym. Tons of equipment, even weights! Practically had the whole thing to myself. Quick weights, short run, topped off with running a few flights of stairs.
Then off to meetings in a comfy yet professional outfit that I could wear straight to the airport.
Overall, a quick, relaxing, and productive work trip in Chicago!

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