A Date!?!

After realizing how rarely I make time for myself, I also decided we needed to make more time for us- my husband and I. My aunt had mentioned a few times that she wanted to watch our kiddo, so we called her up and made arrangements for her to come over on Sunday afternoon. My... Continue Reading →

Break Down

Sorry for the lack of posts last week, but I needed a break. I was on the verge of losing my mind, hit a wall, and realized I needed some time to decompress. I took a morning and went out by myself for the first time in months. Talk about a breath of fresh air.... Continue Reading →

The Run That Broke Me

Well, it took me a few bad runs to realize I was pushing my body to be ready for something it's not. The past two weekends, I've gotten out and done a couple of stroller runs. The first one, I ran a mile and that went great despite being windy. The second one was also... Continue Reading →


So, we took off bright and early Monday morning for a quick work trip to Omaha, Nebraska. I'd never been, so I was excited to explore a new place. Sadly, 98% of my time was spent working, but here are the few things that I managed to get in! Monday, I went straight to work... Continue Reading →

Mizumoto Stroll Garden

The weather at home was gorgeous this weekend, so we got out of the house and did a little local exploring. I've lived here for roughly 20 years and had always wanted to go to the Mizumoto Stroll Garden, so we made it happen! We kicked it off with a picnic lunch at the park.... Continue Reading →

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