I’m So Sorry!

I know I haven't updated much lately, and unfortunately(?) that trend is going to continue. I just accepted a new job! And as exciting as that is, it's going to be a big transition time for my family- lots of travel coming up- basically we won't be home for the entire month of October. But,... Continue Reading →


Another Monday…

Another weekend recap... because that's how I roll apparently. Last week, we kicked off football season (finally!). Our little cheerleader got a little bigger over the off season. We are a little excited for football season around here... Baby girl isn't quite sure she's on board yet. Thursday night, I snuck out for a very... Continue Reading →


Alright... here it is. I try to stay super positive about being a Mom. This is something I really wanted, something I chose, and I don't want to complain about it ever. But, I realized something that is wearing on me these days and felt the need to just put it out there. Again, I... Continue Reading →


I've been thinking a lot lately about life, relationships, and who I am/want to be. I want my life to be one of love. I want it to be about what I can give, not what I can receive. I want my family and friends to know I will put them first. I don't want... Continue Reading →

Another Weekend

This weekend was a little busy, and I had a horrible cold, so I didn't take many pictures. Saturday, my mom came to visit from out of town. It was a really quick visit- just 24 hours- but we squeezed in some fun despite me feeling like trash. We ate dinner at Jose Locos... we'd... Continue Reading →

Labor Day Weekend

I came home from New Orleans and quickly unpacked then repacked before we hit the road to Louisville, KY for an extended holiday weekend! I apologize for the lack of pictures or fun details, but we really just spent the weekend relaxing with family. Baby girl did pretty good in the car! We stopped for... Continue Reading →

New Orleans

This week brought a very quick trip (about 36 hours) to New Orleans. I was thankful for some down time on the plane and devoured this book. I highly recommend¬†Hands Free Mama. It really hits on some of the areas in life that I've felt like I needed to work on! I also took some... Continue Reading →

Is It Fall Yet?

Things have been a little hectic again, so I'm behind here. After a very long week, we headed out to dinner downtown Friday night. I didn't take many places, but we ended up at Maria's. It's been forever since I had their fried seafood tacos, and they were delicious! Also, this is downtown Springfield summed... Continue Reading →

Life Hurts

Sometimes.. your heart just hurts. And that's exactly where I'm at this week. It seems like everyone in my immediate circle is dealing with some hard ass shit. I hate seeing the people I care about most hurting and knowing that there isn't really much I can do.   So dear friends/family, I just want... Continue Reading →

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